Oscar - Life's Still Good!

Hi all, it’s me again. Well I must have been living at my new home for five months now. Let me tell you I have really settled in nicely. As you can see from the picture I am getting on well with my new friends.

I don’t know why but my new Mum keeps telling everyone that I am the naughtiest cat she has ever known!! I wouldn’t say naughty myself, I’ve just got character. I must admit that I do get up to a little mischief. One of my favourite games is unrolling the toilet tissue, dragging it around the house and then I rip it all to shreds. I also like jumping on my new big sister; she is still making funny noises at me occasionally. I often steal things out of the children’s bedrooms, when I say steal I actually mean borrow to play with.

I am now allowed to go out into the big wide world; it is such fun out there. I chase small creatures and have, on a couple of occasions, been able to catch them; that does not seem to go down very well. I am a big hit with my new neighbour and I like to help him in the garden.

The other day a man, who I’d never seen before, came round to our house. He had very kindly put on some jogging pants with a tassel from the waist, do I have to tell you what happened next??? I was only playing with the tassel; I didn’t mean to make him jump!!!

I still don’t mind being picked up and my motor is still running. I eat like a horse and don’t get fat, my mum wants to know my secret. I am very happy in my home; I wish all cats had my luck.

Love Oscar