(Date posted: 05/04/2013)

YoYo was put to sleep on 29 March 2013, Good Friday. He was about six years old and we adopted him from your Branch 15 months previously. Soon afterwards, we found that he had feline asthma. In August last year, he became unwell but despite tests, our vets couldn't discover what was wrong with him. He had a couple of relapses then about a month ago, he developed a lump on the side of his neck which turned out to be cancer. He had an operation to remove the lump after which we were told we would be able to take him home. Unfortunately, he had a bad reaction to the anaesthetic and the vet suspected he could possibly have a brain tumour. This left him very ill but it was hoped he might improve over the next few days. Sadly, this wasn't to be and as the prognosis was poor, we took the decision to relieve his suffering. He passed away in my arms.

YoYo was a beautiful, brave boy with a fabulous character and loved by everyone who knew him. He was a wonderful companion who just wanted to be with us 24 hours a day. In the short time we had him, we loved him and I can say without a doubt that he loved us. I have loved many cats over the years but I absolutely adored YoYo. We are just devastated at his sudden loss.

Sleep well little man 'til we meet again xx