Blair and Serena

(Date posted: 23/05/2011)

I just wanted to send you some photos of our lovely cats that we rescued from you two years ago. They used to be call Tigger and Smokey and we believe they were found together with two other cats, unfortunately we couldn't rescue all of them so decided to take the two. We renamed them in order to give them a new life and have called them Blair (Tigger) and Serena (Smokey).

They were very nervous when we got them, they didn't like petting so much and hid most of the time, however, they have since shined. We have introduced them to the great outdoors (secure high walled garden) which they love and spend most of the day led out in the sun chasing flies and insects.

Serena (Smokey) was very ratty when we got her and would bite and scratch every time you went near her. She has since chilled out so much and loves her cuddles, of course on her terms. Blair (Tigger) is now very vocal and likes chatting away to us for no reason. The vets (still the same one you use) told us just yesterday that they were in very good health apart from being a little overweight :) They're on a diet now hehe.

Anyway thank you so much for giving us two of the most amazing cats that we love.