(Date posted: 08/02/2012)

I thought you might like to know how Simon (now YoYo is getting on). We adopted him from you the week after Christmas and little did we know what we were in for! We have never had a Siamese cat before. They do say they are more like dogs and they are right! He is always talking and is certainly demanding so we often call him Mr Gobby. If you are otherwise occupied when he wants attention, he lets you know it. He only has two voice levels, loud and louder and desperate.

You can't turn your back on him without him getting his nose into something, usually with food in it. When he first arrived, we gave him a teddy bear on a fishing pole but within a few days, teddy had lost his ears, legs and arms. Now, anything resembling fluffy gets chewed! He is quite obsessed with sitting on laps, whether it be ours or visitors, and will do so at every opportunity, regardless of whether you’re watching TV or trying to eat your dinner.

We think he previously must have been an only cat as he seems quite bewildered and at a loss as to how to behave with our other two cats who have shown him absolutely no aggression from day one. He can't seem to grasp that they want to be friends and, although it is obvious he wants to play, at the moment, he only knows how to do it in a rough and often defensive manner. He always waits round corners with his bottom wiggling as cats do and jumps out and bites their back legs when they go passed and sometimes will jump on them from a great height having sprung up in the air on all fours and landed on their backs! Not always appreciated. At other times though, they are quite happy sleeping near to each other as you can see.

We are so used to years of docile cats that we are finding him quite a challenge but he is a beautiful boy, gives us a lot of laughs and you can’t help but love him, for all his naughtiness.

Being good for a change...
Who said three's a crowd?