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Community Kitty Update - Collaboration with Bracknell Foodbank Announcement

03 May 2021
Community Kitty Update - Collaboration with Bracknell Foodbank Announcement
Cats Protection Bracknell & Wokingham District branch announces Community Kitty partnership with Bracknell Foodbank 

The ongoing COVID-19 situation is having a massive impact on everyone across the country, particularly those who are vulnerable and struggling financially during this difficult time. 
One of Cats Protection’s aims during this crisis, has been to enable vulnerable cat owners to continue to meet their cat's welfare requirements through the supply of cat food.  By helping to supply cat food it is hoped this will avoid owners feeling that they need to relinquish their cat, allowing the cat to remain in its existing loving home. 

The branch’s initial Community Kitty collaboration was with Wokingham Foodbank, which started in July 2020 and has proved to be successful. The branch is now delighted to announce that the Community Kitty partnership has been extended to now encompass a collaboration with Bracknell Foodbank.

Claire Mather, Manager of the Bracknell Foodbank, commented "Last year at
Bracknell Foodbank we provided emergency food parcels for over 5000 people
and it's heartbreaking to think that people struggling to feed their families will
also struggle to afford to feed their pets.  Thankfully many people are aware of
this and already donate pet food and we are very grateful for the opportunity to
work with Cats Protection Bracknell and Wokingham to increase these donations

Should you wish to help cats and people in need, then an Amazon Wish List has been set up for those who wish to donate cat food to the Bracknell foodbank. Further details about the wish list can be found at: https://amzn.eu/6wgexOq  

Should you wish to donate to the Foodbanks other Amazon wish list, regarding items of food that are required, then further details can be found at: