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Help Local Cats this Summer!

05 July 2021
Help Local Cats this Summer!
The last year has been difficult for us all, and as the world starts to open up again we're bracing ourselves for more tough times, as many routine veterinary treatments have had to be put on hold during lockdown. This means we are about to become exceptionally busy as we continue to deal with the impact of lockdown.

One of Cats Protection’s aims during this crisis has been to enable vulnerable cat owners to continue to meet their cat's welfare requirements.

We have been continuing to help cats throughout this crisis, and one such cat is Lady, aged 13 years old, who was formerly owned by an elderly gentleman who has sadly had to go into care, and so Lady  has come to us.  Lady's medical check showed thyroid issues, and she has now been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. This is a condition that occurs when one or both of the thyroid glands, small hormone producing glands either side of the neck, become over active and provide too much hormone, which control the rate of metabolism. This can cause wide ranging affects across the body and affected cats can feel very poorly.  Luckily for Lady, we have managed to control her hyperthyroidism with medication, and she is now going to have surgery to remove the overactive thyroid glands.

Cats Protection will always be here for the cats, but now we need your help. Your summer gift could help us to pay for Lady's vital surgery, so that she can then go onto be rehomed.

Please click on the following link to make a donation:

Thank you for your support.