Pen Friends - Pen Sponsorship Scheme - the next best thing to owning a cat!


 Have you ever wondered what is involved in fostering? Would you like to know more
 about the stories of some of the cats we help? Would you like to feel more connected
 with the work of the Branch and contribute to our running costs?

Then our Pen Sponsorship Scheme, Pen Friends, is just for you!

By signing up to Pen Friends, via a monthly or annual donation, you can help contribute to the costs of one of our outdoor foster pens and in return we will keep you updated  with stories of what cats and kittens have been looked after in there. You will also have a chance to visit the pen.

Perhaps you have recently adopted from us and your cat or kitten was being looked after in a pen that you can continue to support for the next occupants. 

This could also be an ideal present for somebody you know who is interested in cats and animal welfare or someone that are unable to home a cat themselves.

Click to download further information, or the Sponsorship form
Please call on 0345 371 4212, or email and mention the “Pen Friends” Pen Sponsorship Scheme