Success Stories

Sooty is a 9year old cat who came to us when his owner was evicted leaving approx. 7 cats without a home.  Sooty found a nice new home but unfortunately his new owner was allergic to his saliva - he is a bit dribbly due to having some teeth removed.  So back to us he came.  Luckily a lovely lady caught his eye and he decided he just had to have her!  After an impressive amount of leg-weaving and purring she succumbed to his charms and took him home.  She was a bit worried at first because he hid behind the TV for 2 days, now though, he is the epitome of the phrase "lap cat" and barely leaves the comfort of her knees, purring so loudly she often has to turn the TV volume up!

There have been lots of success stories over the last few  years thanks to the help of our fosterers and the kind people who have adopted our cats and kittens.  We love to get photos of them happy in their new homes and shown below are just a few.