Polly and Percy

These 3 kittens were found in a trailer park in Thetford, abandoned by their feral mum, at about 4 weeks old.  They were in a very poor condition, underweight and dehydrated.  The tortie, Poppy, had ulcerated eyes, which must have been very painful and she weighed far less than her siblings, Polly and Percy.  The vet treated her for dehydration by injecting saline under her skin, and gave me ointment for her eyes.  It was touch and go for a few days whether she would survive, as she refused food and had to be force fed, round the clock with milk formula using  a syringe.  But slowly she began to improve and gain weight and after about a week all the kittens could feed themselves.  They went from strenth to strengh and eventually found loving forever homes.