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Ellen's Lodge
The lodge was built with money left to Cats Protection by Sarah Ellen Gowing who passed away in December 2002. Sarah wanted to offer more space and comfort to some of the cats in our care. Sarah loved cats especially her own cat Charley, who came into the centre for rehoming when Ellen died.

The lodge is big enough to accommodate up to 6 cats. They can lie in the sun on warm days, but it's cosy enough to keep them snug and warm in winter. It is used to accommodate cats who are unable to cope with a pen environment and have become very stressed as a result.

The lodge has proved to be a huge success and many cats have benefited from the extra space and more natural environment it provides, subsequently finding new homes as a result. This wouldn't have been possible without Ellen's legacy. When visiting the centre, please make a point of meeting the cats in the lodge waiting for homes. Please follow the link below for more information on how to leave a legacy.