Success stories

One of the most rewarding part of our work is receiving good news about how well cats adopted from us have settled into their new homes
This is especially so for cats which have needed extra TLC because they were admitted to us in poor condition due to neglect/illness, and for cats which were more difficult to home becasue of medical conditions needing ongoing treatment, timid/temperamental nature, or simply getting on in life and are being passed by in favour of younger cats and kittens.

Hopefully, the following stories will make you consider adopting a cat from us and may even inspire you to consider giving a difficult to home/overlooked cat a second chance in life.

We always love to hear how cats adopted from us are settling into their new home, please updates by email Emailing us at or by posting on our facebook page

Some of our Success Stories include

Sandy & Rizzo Sandy - Before PhotoRizzo - Before Photo

These 2 beautiful cats where dumped at a local garage in appalling condition.They were suffering from untreated flu and both had lost an eye each as a result, they were both in poor condition and their fur was thick with grease.They both needed immediate vet treatment and had operations to remove their damaged eyes. They needed several weeks of treatment and lots of TC before they were finally given the all clear by our vets for rehoming.

Sandy and Rizzo are both very loving cats, despite their
ordeal and weeks of vet care and medication Sandy - after photothey never Rizzo - after photo
lost theirloving nature and enjoyed nothing more than having a fuss and cuddle. Happily both cats made a full recovery and are now happily settled in their new home.

Frost & Freeze

These 2 kittens were cruelly abandoned in freezing cold temperatures with another 5 cats and kittens.  They were only 7 days old at the time and were lucky to survive the night.  Frost and Freeze were fostered by one of our kitten fosterers to be hand reared.  It was touch and go for the first couple of weeks whether they would pull through.  They were fed every 2 hours through out the day and night, as each day went passed we grew more and more hopeful that they would make it.  After a couple of weeks it became apparent they would survive and we all breathed a sigh of relief.

Freeze had to under go a hernia repair operation, she was ok initially but became very ill a couple of days later and had to be admitted to the vet for treatment.  We were all really worried about her as she was so tiny, but she is a
determined little fighter and rallied through

Frost and Freeze's story was featured heavily in the local press and on the web.  They became feline celebrities with many members of the public following their progress.  We had lots of offers of homes for them and they have recently been adopted and are settling into their new home together.