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Boots is lucky to be alive after surviving being shot with a shot gun at some point during her life.

17 February 2021

Boots was homed from our centre as a kitten with her sibling Puss 8 years ago, they were much loved and cared for pets.  Their original owner passed away last year and she left Boots in the care of her two sons.  The son caring for Boots and Puss then also sadly passed away in January.  Remaining son Darren, who brought Boots and Puss to us, was unable to keep the cats himself as they would not be able to live with his dog, so he reached out to us for help.

One of our cat carers noticed a small lump at the base of Boots’ ear which felt like a foreign object.  It was very close to the surface, our vet was able to remove it without surgery, and we were surprised to see it was a shotgun pellet.  Boots was then x-rayed and both our vet and ourselves were shocked to learn that she had another 13 pellets peppered inside her body!  They were in her head, chest, abdomen, leg and tail, some of them were close to vital organs; she had narrowly missed a fatal injury!

Our vets felt it was better to operate to remove as many pellets as possible as they can cause inflammation, they were able to remove 8 pellets but 5 of them were close to vital organs and our vet was confident that with the majority of pellets removed, the remaining ones wouldn’t cause her problems in the future.  Darren was shocked and angry to hear that she had been shot, he had transported Boots back and forth to the vet whenever she needed treatment and was not aware that she had been injured at any point.

Our vet bills run into £1000’s every month, we don’t receive any government funding and are reliant on people’s generosity. Your donation will help cats like Boots and Puss on their way to a healthier and happier life. We realise that times are difficult at the moment, so we appreciate your kindness even more. If you would like to donate, you can do so at http://bit.ly/37nb6Zg