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Cat and Kitten Adoptions

24 May 2021
Cat and Kitten Adoptions

If you are looking to adopt a cat or kitten, please click here for availability.

If there is a suitable cat / kitten for you, please express your interest in adopting it by completing the contact form on its story.  Once we receive your email, we will email you a home finder questionnaire to complete.  Please complete and return this to us ASAP.

We are currently matching cats and kittens to the most suitable home for them and filling in a contact form, doesn’t guarantee that you will be adopting the cat/kitten you are enquiring about.    Once we have enough enquires from potential suitable homes for the cats/ kittens available, we will close for applications and remove the kittens from the web. 

We are currently experiencing a huge amount of enquiries for kittens and don’t have the number in care to meet demand.  We would ask you for your patience and understanding in the event that you are not successful in adopting on that occasion