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Helping Cats Appeal!

04 March 2022

Our team at Cats Protection Bridgend have been working tirelessly through the pandemic to help cats and kittens.  This year, we have helped over 200 cats already,  many of needing urgent vet treatment.

Cats like Bunny who was heavily pregnant when admitted into our care, she gave birth to 4 beautiful kittens but developed a hole in her abdominal wall during labour causing her intestines to herniate through.  She needed emergency surgical repair,  she is still recovering from her ordeal.

Ziggy was admitted into our care with her 4 kittens, their owner had too many cats to cope with.  They all had conjunctivitis and needed vet treatment, they have responded to treatment really well, and thankfully won't have long term damage to their eyes.

Spider was admitted into our care because her owner was going into care.  She was emaciated when admitted to us and was subsequently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.  She is currently on medication to stabilise her condition and is slowly gaining waiting.  She still has several more weeks of treatment and surgery ahead of her.

Our vet bills run into £1000’s every month, we don’t receive any government funding and are reliant on people’s generosity.  Your donation will help cats like Bunny, Ziggy and Spider on their way to a healthier and happier life.  We realise that times are difficult at the moment, so we appreciate your kindness even more.   

If you would like to donate, you can do so by clicking here
Thank you your for your support.