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Out door cats looking for jobs as mousers.

11 September 2019
Out door cats looking for jobs as mousers.

Cats Protection’s Bridgend is offering the purr-fect solution to anyone in need of an environmentally-friendly pest control service, with many feral cats in need of a new home.

Colonies of feral cats often find themselves homeless, usually as a result of inner city and rural development. But their useful predatory skills, coupled with Cats Protection’s rehoming services, can secure them a better future, according to Sue Dobbs, centre manager. She said: “Most feral cats prefer the freedom of a working life to a comfortable lap in suburbia. We have had some very positive feedback in terms of reduced rodent problems from the many farms, stables and warehouses that have adopted a feral or two from us.”

A pair of feral cats can provide a highly efficient and environmentally-friendly alternative to chemical pest control. Garden centres, golf clubs, smallholdings, farms, stables, shops; in fact, anywhere where there is room to roam and rodents to catch, will provide working cats with a suitable environment in which to live and work. Owners must be prepared to provide their feline employees with food, water, shelter and veterinary care when needed, none of which will affect their desire to catch prey.

Cats Protection promotes neutering as the only effective way to control the number of both domestic and feral cats and helps around 28,000 ferals per year through its trap, neuter and return or relocation work. Whilst feral kittens aged up to 12 weeks can be successfully ‘socialised’ and rehomed in a normal home environment, this is not usually possible with adult ferals. Once they have been neutered, volunteers return them to their colony, where a sustainable one exists, or find them a new home in a suitable environment where they can thrive and work hard doing what they like best.

If you would like to provide a home for a feral cat please contact Cats Protection, Bridgend on 01656 724396 or email bridgend@cats.org.uk