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A cat kicked on to the streets after her owner died highlights the value of Cats Protection's Cat Guardian service

06 February 2020
A cat kicked on to the streets after her owner died highlights the value of Cats Protection

When her loving owner died, a confused cat could not have expected to be thrown on to the streets in the middle of winter. But that is exactly what happened to a cat in Brighton.

Already troubled by the death of her loving owner, this affectionate black cat was locked out of her home by a grieving family member and forced to fend for herself on the cold streets.

Thankfully, a relative of the deceased owner contacted Cats Protection Brighton & District Branch to say that, if they wanted to collect her, the disorientated cat was roaming outside her former home.

After seven attempts to contain the frightened cat, she was finally caught on a very cold and wet evening in December. By that stage, she was so hungry, tired and forlorn that she willingly entered the cat trap in search of food.

The cat responded well to treatment and, after a good feed and some much-needed warmth in CP’s care, she soon enjoyed being petted and having her tummy rubbed. From her clear ease with human contact, it was obvious that she was used to receiving affection from her former owner.

“Coco was obviously a much-loved pet, who struggled to cope on the streets. Thanks to our dedicated volunteers, we were able to ensure that once again, Coco could become part of a loving home,” Heather McKenzie, Cats Protection Brighton & District.

Thanks to her friendly demeanour and beautiful black coat, it wasn’t long before a suitable new family was found and – now renamed Coco - she became the Brighton branch’s first adoption of 2020.

Coco was one of the lucky ones. Many cats are abandoned after their owner passes away, which is why Cats Protection was moved to establish its Cat Guardians service to ensure that your cat will be taken care of in the event of your death.

Cat Protection’s Cat Guardians service is a sure fire way to put your mind at rest, in the knowledge that your beloved cat will be cared for and rehomed after your death.

Cat Guardians is the free service provided by Cats Protection, aimed at giving peace of mind to cat owners concerned about what might happen to their cat if they were to pass away. A simple clause in their will enables people to plan for their cat’s future so that, in the event of death, Cats Protection takes care of their cat and finds it a loving new home.

Cats Protection’s Cat Guardians spokesperson said: “We know your cat means the world to you, which is why Cats Protection promises to be there for them after you’re gone. By registering with our free Cat Guardians service you can be assured that, after you pass away, our caring staff and volunteers will look after your cat until we find them a loving new home.”

More information about Cat Guardians can be found here: https://www.cats.org.uk/what-we-do/catguardians