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Welcome to National Pet Month

01 April 2020
Welcome to National Pet Month

As we continue in Coronavirus lockdown and spend most of our time at home, it seems appropriate that April is National Pet Month. As we work from home, we have ample opportunity to appreciate our pets and the joy that they can bring us.

Around 50% of UK adults own a pet, 25% of those pets are cats, with an estimated 11 million pet cats in the UK.

According to CP, cat owners are less likely to suffer from stress and are known to relax more and have greater life satisfaction. Cats keep their owners feeling young and active and learning how to care for a cat can do wonders for a child’s self-esteem, social skills and sense of responsibility to others.

For many owners, their cat is an integral member of the family – inspiring feelings of peace, joy and happiness and providing fun and laughter. The emotional bond between human and pet can be as rewarding as many human relationships and may offer similar psychological benefits. Cats can make a house a home. Cats can also be an important companion for those self-isolating on their own.

Cat owners have taken to social media, sharing pictures of their cats ‘helping’ them with their work tasks. Whether it’s lying across a keyboard or documents on a desk to curling up on a lap, our cats are helping us all to get through these difficult times.