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A Prince's Tale

15 June 2020
A Prince We’re adding stories about our resident cats so you can get to know them better. Here is "A Prince's Tale" about 6 year old Prince, written by his fosterers, Josey and Peter.

"A Prince’s Tale

The gorgeous, handsome Prince has been with us for almost 3 months now. We absolutely love having him around and, luckily, he seems to rather love having us around during lockdown too.

When he first came to us, Prince had a way of telling us to ‘back off’ with his hiss! He really needed hiding places and lots of space and patience from us. It did not take long before he showed his soft, cuddly and kitten-like side… he likes to get really close and rub his cheeks against ours and demand tonnes of cheek and neck and head rubs. His purring is just lovely when he is relaxed like this!

We think it took 4-6 weeks for Prince to seem less edgy and vigilant to sounds and us coming and going. We do still see his fierce (usually frightened) side at times… especially getting him into his cat carrier and at the vets, which is a real expedition! Beware of over-stepping his boundaries and stroking him when he does not want it too!! Anyone interested in adopting Prince needs to be prepared for a bit of feistiness and challenge now and again. He needs kindness, patience and understanding… then you will really see him blossom and relax and be the sweetest, loveliest cat.

We see Prince as easy-going in many ways. He is coping well without being able to go outside- we think he will love to explore the outdoors but he has not done it much so would need you by his side in a secure garden to start with.

He has found a love for a little orange ball (he has moves like Pelé!) but is totally indifferent to cat nip… we keep trying with different toys though!

We love hearing Prince’s little chirrups and chirps when he is saying ‘hello’ or politely asking for some food… he saves the loud meows for early in the morning when he wants to come out of his room and get fed and have a smudge!

We feel Prince needs a kind, confident and patient adult-only forever home with experienced owner(s) who have perhaps had cats before that have not been the most straightforward. They need to be prepared to offer him his own space, plenty of hidey holes (he loves a drawer and a big height to look down from). Once you earn his trust we are sure that he will dote on you and hang out with you all the time… he’s one of the family here.

Josey and Peter

Please contact us at enquiries@bristol.cats.org.uk if you'd like to know more about Prince. Thank you 🐾

Prince with a card game
Prince laying down
Prince laying down