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Chester and Kiwi's story

04 May 2020
Chester and Kiwi
During the COVID-19 lockdown, although we’re paused on the rehoming, we’re adding stories about our resident cats. Here is Chester and Kiwi’s story, written by their fosterer.

"Chester (Ginger) and Kiwi (Black and White) are brothers that came into foster care on January 12th 2020 through no fault of their own. They are lovely, lovely cats and I spend a lot of time with them as they enjoy company.
They are quite funny too - if one is sat on my lap, the other cat is always sat next to us and as soon as whoever is on my lap gets off the other immediately jumps on and they reverse places! If I didn’t know better I would say they have worked out a system to take it in turns. 
Chester loves to play and Kiwi will sometimes give in and join in as well. Both the boys love their food and treats I think either would do anything for a “Dreamie or two”. Life has got very boring for the two in these strange times - being locked up in a pen isn’t much fun as you can imagine so I have been inventing different things for them to try and entertain them. Most recently, hubby has installed a extra sitting shelf with a cat ramp for them to climb up. Kiwi took to it immediately but Chester has decided it far to energetic a task to take on.
They are quite talkative once settled in, and Chester has more recently started demanding his evening feed earlier and earlier in no uncertain terms, letting us know with a yowl as soon as he spots us in the garden. They both love sitting on their beanbag pouffes and watching the birds and squirrels in our garden. Kiwi in particular can quite excited making little chattering noises as he watches."

Kiwi sitting on fosterer lap
Chester and Kiwi