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Gizzy's story

19 May 2020
It's time for another story so that you can get to know our resident cats better during our rehoming pause. This time, learn all about black and white boy Gizzy, as written by his fosterer. 

"Gizzy. The big boy with a big heart and massive paws! 

3 years ago, a black and white stray wandered the lonely streets of Fishponds, Bristol. He begged for food at many houses until a kind stranger took him into her home. She took him to the vets and got him micro-chipped and neutered. Now he was well on his way to becoming a domesticated boy. With this new home came a new name, Gizzy! Unfortunately, Gizzy’s time on the streets had not taught him the life skill of sharing, and like many of us he found having a sibling… challenging. This sibling rivalry is how Gizzy ended up at Cats Protection. 
He has been with us two months now through no fault of his own, and in this time his personality has blossomed. This big bear loves belly rubs, yelling at birds and most of all FOOD!! Gizzy’s passion for food must have been a lifelong one as he is a little on the round side, but is taking to his new diet very well. He was an amazing little trooper at the vet, has had his vaccination and is 100% healthy and ready to begin his new life in a home with lots of love and belly rubs."

Gizzy stretching
Gizzy sitting

Gizzy being smoothed

Gizzy being smoothed