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Lilly and Star's story

28 April 2020
Lilly and Star
Lilly or Lilly Moo (she responds to both), is in the white with the cute pink snout next her sister Star. They are always together. They lived with their human dad all their our lives until they were 12 years old. Sadly he became ill and one day they had to be rehomed, but luckily he had arranged for Cats Protection Bristol to foster them. 
They currently live with their foster human mum. They were both nervous at first, Star was very brave but Lilly use to hide when they first arrived in their cat cabin. Before they leave they’ve assured their foster mum they will be writing a Trip Advisor review!
Sadly Lilly and Star are currently in #lockdown to keep everyone safe, but their fosterer has explained that once lockdown is lifted there will be lots of people wanting to meet them. 
They spend their lockdown waiting for their forever home but enjoy bird watching, playing with toys, headbutting for extra rubs, being brushed and Dreamies.
Lillly and Star prefer the quiet life - they are more BBC Radio 4 than BBC Radio 1 kind of gals. If there is no lap to sit on or Dreamies to munch that's a deal breaker for them! They are both very clean, enjoy most foods, use the litter tray (especially when it's just been cleaned) and are adaptable to living indoors. 
If you feel you would like to come meet them, contact their agents at Cat Protection Bristol and they will fix them up!
P.S. please come with Dreamies for Lilly and Star :)