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Luna's Hands-Free Homing story

27 October 2020

What better way to celebrate 10 years of Black Cat Day than with Luna's Hands-Free Homing story?

We were delighted to hear how well Luna (previously known as Tibby) was getting on.

In the photos Luna is on her cat scratching activity centre. Her new owner says:

“Luna is lovely and fitting into our home really well. I am learning more about her every day as she shows me more of her personality. She is showing me her playful side, enjoying playing with her cat torch chasing the light. Or when you place your hand just above her and she stands only on her back legs, so she gets higher and can be stroked. She also is a lapcat and enjoys being stroked.”

"I was a bit worried about Luna at first as she wasn't eating much the first couple of days we had her. Now Luna is eating normally so I am guessing she was off her food as it was a new environment for her."

"She is a really great cat and I am lucky to have her."

Luna, a black cat, on her scratching post