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Milly's rehoming tale

09 August 2020
We were delighted to hear from Milly's new owner, telling us how Milly is getting on after her recent Hands-Free Homing.

"Here are some photos of Milly taken this morning. As you can see, it's tiring work eating and playing! As a senior catizen, she needs her naps in the sun. She does like to keep busy though and when I got up this morning, I found that she had tried to help me complete a jigsaw puzzle! I think I've managed to find all the pieces. I was amazed at the places Milly had found to hide them. It's no wonder she needs a snooze in the sun. 

I have to say, remote housing with Cats Protection was easy and if anyone is considering adopting, then I can recommend this. It has worked out brilliantly for Milly and I. I would just like to remind people thinking of adopting, that although kittens are beautiful and funny, there are also many older cats who really just want a little love in their twilight years."

Milly on a sofa
Milly eating