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Muffin's Hands Free Homing Story

18 February 2021
Muffin Muffin was homed with the Hands Free Homing process. She was very nervous when she came in, but is doing really well in her new home. Here’s a lovely update from her new owners:

“Muffin was very nervous when she first moved in and took no notice of her new toys.

Muffin spent most of her first week under our sideboard but would shuffle to the front for a cat treat or a tickle under the chin.

Now she's very happy around us. She keeps me company while I work from home. It's challenging to work from home with a cute face like hers looking at me!

As I type this message, she is sitting by my side, and we are amazed at how content she is with us. She’s enriched our lives very much, and we have loved seeing her develop into a more confident and loving companion.”

Black and white cat Muffin
Black and white cat Muffin
Black and white cat Muffin