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Phoebe's Hands-Free Homing Story

15 December 2020
Phoebe Here is a delightful tale to warm your heart this December. It is about Phoebe, written by her new owner, who also sent us lots of cute photos. Phoebe was one of a litter of kittens we rehomed during 2020's Hands-Free Homing.

"Phoebe is such a sweetie pie, and has settled in so beautifully. She has developed the cutest little character and is so funny as well fiesty ... I say she has cattitude 😂

We play a lot and she is very attached to me. She will even fall asleep in my arms with me tickling her tummy softly. She’s my shadow & follows me everywhere.

She does not have a meow ... just a little squeak now and then, which is just too adorable for words ... except when we went to the vet (or leaving your house) in the carrier then she cries ... I’ve taken that as her telling me off 🤣!

She also does think I’m a scratching post as she jumps onto my legs and holds on while I’m feeding her, yikes!!!!

She is also one super spoilt kitty, she enjoys her very large cat tree which I call Phoebe’s palace and loads of toys to amuse her.

She is so gorgeous and all my friends & family love her to bits! She’s very beautiful and absolutely gorgeous. I’m calling her a black tabby because of her beautiful secret stripes (which you only see in certain light) 🥰 she’s so precious.

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be a cat Mom 💜 she is such a God send to me!"

Black cat Phoebe sticking her tongue out and playing
Black cat Phoebe stretched out

Black cat Phoebe and her new owner
Black cat Phoebe
Black cat Phoebe
Black cat Phoebe laying down with her tongue sticking out