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Pixie and Lola's Hands-Free Homing story

13 November 2020
Pixie and Lola Here is a lovely tale of Pixie (black and white) and Lola (tabby and white) and their Hands-Free Homing journey, sent from their new owner with some gorgeous photos.

“Today was a special day. Today, Pixie curled up on my lap for the first time since I adopted her two months ago.

I've always been a bit sceptical about Internet dating but, when I saw Pixie's photo on the Cats Protection web site, I was totally smitten and immediately applied to adopt her together with daughter Lola.

Lesley sent me an email explaining the hands-free homing process and then arranged a tome to phone me for a chat. The next day I had phone call from their Foster carer, Doreen, who was able to answer all my questions. The cats went to the vet for check-ups and vaccinations and I headed off to the shops to stock up on food, bowls, litter etc. Finally, just a week after I had first seen their photos, Lesley delivered them to my door.

Lola has been my constant companion since I let her out of her carrier. She follows me around the house, curls up on the other end of the sofa or sits at my feet and taps my leg gently with her paw when she wants attention. I’d been told that Pixie was more cautious, so I wasn't concerned when she spent the first few hours peeping out from behind the curtains. In fact, I didn't see much of her for several days, although she was always front and centre at mealtimes. But now I have two furry shadows.

I was quite anxious when I let them out into the garden for the first time, about four weeks after they arrived. They went off in opposite directions so I couldn't keep an eye on them both. The next time I saw Pixie she was on top of the six foot wall, disappearing into my neighbours garden. I had taken the precaution of letting them out just before feeding time so I banged her stainless steel dish with a fork and she soon came back.

Neither cat showed much inclination to be a lap cat. They would each climb onto my lap, push at whatever I had in my hand until I put it down and, once they had my undivided attention and kitty honour was satisfied, they went and settled down somewhere else. For the last several days, Pixie has been walking to and fro across my lap and 'making dough' and finally today the magic moment came when she settled down on me. 

So, thanks to the Cats Protection hands-free process, I have two adorable purr boxes. I'm very happy and I think they are too.”