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Sam and Fleur's Hands-Free Homing Story

23 November 2020
Sam and Fleur

We've had a great update about Sam (ginger and white) and Fleur (black and white) after their Hands-Free Homing journey, sent from their new owner:

"I thought you would like to know that I am making progress with my new cats. They have been here for a month. Sam is very confident, sometimes cheeky, and is a purr machine, Fleur has been less timid but still not confident until this morning. We have had two sessions of stroking with lots of purring, and she has been rubbing her head against my hand. She stayed in the room while I was moving around, slowly but moving, and she didn’t run. I was very happy this morning!"

Their fosterer also had this to say, which made us chuckle!

"Fleur has come out as she was much more timid than Sam - he was a real character when we fostered him although his habit of getting behind you when you were sat in a chair & licking you hair with his very rough tongue was a bit disconcerting!"