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Sam and Fleur's Hands-Free Homing Story

07 September 2021
Sam and Fleur We've had a delightful update about past residents Sam and Fleur (previously named Sid and Flow) who were rehomed last October with Hands-Free Homing.

“You may remember that Fleur was very timid, she spent days under the sideboard when she came here first, and then weeks under the duvet. She is very confident now, we have good conversations (mainly meow meow) and she will even allow me to pick her up for a minute or so.

When she is at the window birdwatching the tail is twitching and when a squirrel appeared in the little front garden a few weeks ago the tail was lashing about. She has a toy the size and shape of a large mouse and she throws it in the air and bats it around with great enjoyment.

Sam is Sam, boisterous and great fun, a typical boy cat, he was confident when he had been here only a few hours. He will occasionally sit on the sofa with me and I feel very honoured because I was warned they are not lap cats.

They both have amazing purrs and it takes very little to start them off.”

Sam and Fleur Birdwatching