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At the Burnley and Pendle branch we are always in need of funding to help with local cats.

Funding is needed for:-
  • Help in neutering and spaying cats.
  • Looking after our foster cats including, vet treatment, toys, food, all the things a healthy cat needs.
  • Running and maintenance of the cat cabins.
  • Transportation costs for the animals.
  • Phone bills, between our volunteers we manage an average of around 16 hours worth of phone calls a week to around 100 different numbers. Most of which are mobiles putting the cost up.
  • General day to day running of the branch.
  • NO funding is used to pay any member of the branch.  All members of our branch are volunteers and give their time 100% free.

If you donate directly to our branch, 100% of all monies donated stays within the branch and helps towards the above costs. You can donate in multiple ways. Your donation will be used to aid all the above points.  Any donation, no matter how small, is always greatly appreciated.  Here are some of the costs of keeping our furry friends healthy:-


£0.50 - basic cat toy, tin/pouch of food

£1.00 - food/water bowl, cat treats

£1.50 - bag of cat litter

£2.00 - box of biscuits, litter tray, brush or comb

£3.00 - 6 pack of food, collar, wood based litter

£5.00 - flea and worm one cat, large toys, training pads for after ops and little kittens, set of cleaning products for fosterer

£10.00 - microchip, kitten scratching post, play tubes

£12.00 - hand rearing Kitten milk one week supply, igloo bed for nervous cats

£15.00 - cat carrier

£20.00 - adult scratchy post, heat pads

There are of course, lots of other things we supply.  We try to treat all cats and kittens that come into care as we would our own, if we could have help with the above costs, it means that we can help more cats.



JustGiving Website:

You can donate through our fundraising page on JustGiving.  This is a secure service supported by Cats Protection (Head Office).  Any monies donated on our page via this link JustGiving is 100% guaranteed to come to our branch. If you are a tax payer, you can also fill in the gift aid and we get an extra 25% on top of your donation from the tax man at absolutely no cost to you.  Donations on JustGiving can be done online by either your Credit/Debit card or paypal.

Direct Debit Payments:

Direct debit (or standing order) payments allow you to make either a monthly or yearly donation to us on a set date of your choosing.  The donation can be as large or small as you wish, as any and all donations are greatly appreciated.
To create direct debit payments, please contact us requesting the form.  We are trying to make it possible to put the form online for you to download and make things easier, but this may take a little while.