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We are always happy to welcome new volunteers.  Just come along to one of our meetings and introduce yourself.  Meetings are held on THE FIRST MONDAY of every month at the THE BIZ LOMASHAYE INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, BURNLEY (except for bank holidays). If you can't make the meetings, why not ring us and tell us what your strengths are - our number is:
01282 693400 - LINE 1.  Please leave a message and one of our volunteers will get back to you as soon as they can.

Come and tell us what you can help us out with, for instance:

Driving - help take cats/kittens for vet appointments or collecting cat related items from the public.

Knitting - if you have any spare wool, why not knit some blankets to help keep our felines warm and comfortable.  They don't mind what colour or shape they are.... If you can't knit, you could always donate wool to those who do.

Events - if you can only spare a few hours every so often, why not offer to help man one of our stalls and sell bric-a-brac, tickets for the tombola, etc., whilst at the same time, enjoy meeting like-minded people.

Fundraising - can you help raise money to help our worthwhile cause?  We always need funds to help pay for veterinary fees, food, toys and general day-to-day expenses.  You can suggest ways to raise monies, contact us if you have an event we could attend, perhaps do a sponsored event for us.  How many ways are there to fundraise?

Fostering - is an extremely vital area of our work.  It takes a lot of time, patience and dedication in looking after cats and kittens in our care. We teach them how to grow, develop and socialise appropriately as cats should do, and in some cases, help them learn to trust again.  Some cats who come to us, may need long term care.  If you have a spare room where you can keep a cat/kitten safe and looked after until we can find the right home, please come and offer your services.  You will be given help, advice and continuing support in looking after our felines.