Berry Happy Cats

The Berrys were all living in a shed in Yateley when a couple moved into their house after it had been empty for many months, but had a surprise when they looked in the garden shed.  There were three “fluffy squatters” using the shed as shelter from the winter weather.  After feeding them over the cold spell for many weeks, they called Cats Protection to ask if we could help.

When we called we found a very friendly Mum cat and only one kitten and off they went to their foster home via a trip to the vet.  The Vet nurse named the mum Raspberry and the smallest kitten Strawberry. Although we had not yet met the other kitten, we called her Cranberry.

The vets called the next day to say Cranberry has just been handed in. She  went back to shed the previous night and the people popped her into a basket and brought her into the vets.

Cranberry tended to chase and Strawberry as she is the bigger kitten and although they have plenty of fun together in foster care, Strawberry was always bit nervous of Cranberry’s chasing games. Raspberry (the mum) is the most affectionate and sits on your chest. It’s important to wear a thick jumper when she climbs up.
We were really pleased when two adopters came forward and wanted to meet our Berry family.
There will be more details on this story in the Newsletter, which will be later this year. 

            Cranberry                                                      Raspberry                                          Strawberry