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One Fosterer Down

19 June 2017
One Fosterer Down
Here is a story from Nick who is a Cat Protection volunteer who fostered Fred...

Nobody knew what had happened to Fred.  He was stealing food from other cats and fighting.  Cat Protection were called and he was trapped in April  and brought into the vets.  When I picked him up from the vet he was sulking after his op and not looking for a cuddle.

He buried himself deep in a corner of a dark room and and the only sign of life was a loud growl or hiss for anyone who came within 6 feet of him. He was, however, well behaved with the litter tray and didn't try to escape.  Over time he would come out for his food a little quicker.

I would put treats in front of him but if my hand was in range he would give it a scratch. Every day there was a little progress. He installed himself on a windowledge and stopped running away when I entered the room. He started meowing at me when I was feeding him.  Then I got him to come to the dish before I pulled my hand away and after a few scratches there was a breakthrough.  I put my hand out and he whacked it, but without claws!

The next big moment was when he started to rub around things while I was putting the food in the bowl and when the tip of his tail caught the back of my leg, I thought that was no accident.  A couple of days later he was headbutting my hand, letting me scratch his chin and his neck. When he let me scratch his belly I thought what has happened here?

I'm pretty sure now he once had a good home and maybe got lost or abandoned.  It seemed like he had missed human company and actually liked me (no really!).

There's nothing I can't do with him now. I can even pick him up, and if I push my luck with belly rubbing I get the normal kick, grab, bite and lick, but with no malice at all.  And he's so handsome!  So I'm going to keep him.

So, we lost a foster carer, but gained a very happy cat.  Seeing the picture above he looks like he owns the place.