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A Happy Home - a homing success story

catMy name is Ailsa and I am a ten month old British Shorthair cat. I am absolutely gorgeous and am very happy with my current humans, after a kind lady from Cats Protection found me a perfect pair of humans to care for me and love me. I think it may have been my gorgeous golden eyes, or maybe my silver and black striped soft and silken fur that did the trick. Or maybe it was my natural magical charm that made these humans want to adopt me and look after me. Whatever it was, these humans really do care for me which I try to repay with affection.

Now I get cuddles and strokes whenever I want. I have a lovely house with a big garden to play in and three lovely sisters to play with. Their names are Iona, Skye and Freya Sark. They are teaching me lots of new games and show me where all the best hiding places are. I'm also learning how to climb trees and to watch dragonflies and frogs on the pond. I get really good food and my own bed to sleep on. I have lots of toys to play with. My favourites are table tennis balls which I love to chase up and down the stairs and which go ping bouncing off the furniture and woodwork. I'm also very fond of a fishing rod with a furry tail on the end. One of my humans has to waggle the stick and I like catching the furry tail and biting it. I like to pretend that I am hunting out in the jungle. I like it when my humans waggle it especially fast and up in the air.I am very agile and can catch it in mid-air with one mighty leap.

I forgot to tell you that I am named after Ailsa Craig the Fairy Rock. I live up to my name with a life of mischief and mystery.

Spring 2012

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