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Bernard - reunited with his family after 8 months

Bernard – reunited after eight months.Bernard

Our beloved cat Bernard went missing in summer 2018. My husband and I were careless when we moved from one end of the village to the other (about a mile). We let Bernard out after a few days, at first he came back each night but suddenly he didn’t come home. This wasn’t unusual for about 24 hours in summer, but by the 4th day we knew something was up. So we put posters up in our village and surrounding areas.

A friend living on a farm nearby was asked to keep an eye out in her outbuildings. She suggested I get in touch with Cats Protection Cambridge so I sent them a picture. They responded straight away with good advice and said they would let us know if they heard anything. By Christmas we were feeling very upset that we may never see Bernard again. There had been a couple of potential sightings and we had been back to our old house regularly to call him and surrounding area but nothing.

8 months later I was having a date night with my husband (we have a 22 month old girl) and I had message from Cats Protection, saying a cat exactly matching Bernard’s description had been found by a member of the public! We called this lovely lady, Jo, who had had to let the cat go as she had her own cats.

The next night my husband thought he would pop out and have a look near where Jo lived and call for Bernard, just as he left I got a call from Jo saying she had the cat. I called my husband Oli and he was delighted. He got there and then a bus went past and scared the cat off… Luckily Jo shook a bag of cat food and he came running back – Oli brought him straight home. He was a bit shocked for a minute or two and then he started purring and rubbing against us. Now he doesn’t stop purring. He is somehow fatter than he was! After 8 months living rough we needed to bathe him, which he normally hates, but this time he didn’t make a peep! We de-wormed and de-flea’ed him.

I was worried about trying to keep him in for 3 weeks, as advised by Cats Protection to ensure that he really knows where home is after the move and being lost for so long. However we are now 2 weeks in, and he is cheeky and cuddly and playful again. Our daughter is now louder and can walk and run… he is not sure about her, so that relationship may take time! However it feels like we are a family again – we are further into the country so once Bernard learns the territory I think he will be even happier!

Thank you to Cats Protection for posting Bernard’s photo and connecting us to Jo who found him and was kind enough to search for information about him. Bernard was also microchipped which means that a vet or rescue organisation can scan him to confirm his owner’s contact details.

Harriet, Oli and family, February 2019.