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Bernard - a homing success story

Bernard the catBernard has been with us for just one week but we already know it is a match made in heaven. A senior cat, at over fourteen years old, his story is rather sad; he didn’t get along with the other cats that were introduced to the household and spent many years wandering the streets, scavenging for food and looking for a place he could feel settled. Bernard was eventually surrendered to Cambridge Cats Protection and found a safe place to rest with his foster mum.

Brian and I have known we wanted to adopt a cat for a while. I had recently lost my mum, who I had been caring for, and Brian was retired. We had time, plenty of love and a house that just wasn’t a home without a cat. We were directed to the Cats Protection website by a neighbour who knew we were looking for a senior cat. Bernard’s picture popped up and I truly believe we knew, at that moment, that he was the one. He looked perturbed but adorable. Our home and lifestyle were deemed suitable to meet his needs and we were anxious to pass the next stage of the adoption process; would Bernard like us? I think the answer to that question is a definite yes.

BernardFrom our first meeting Bernard was affectionate and friendly. An old soul that knew when something felt right. We brought Bernard home during storm Ciara but since that moment he’s been nothing but calm and relaxed. He came out of his carrier and straight on to our knees. Bernard’s first afternoon was spent curled up with Brian, watching the rugby. That night he followed us up to bed and that has become his nightly routine. He’s learning that no one will take his food and is trusting enough now not to bolt down everything the minute it is put in his bowl. Watching him eat from his digger feeder is fascinating; he’s definitely ambidextrous. It is good that food is no longer his focus.

In a few weeks time he will be able to explore his garden and his new neighbourhood. The difference now is he will know he has constant access back to his house, his food and his humans. We don’t know how much time we will have with Bernard. Cats can live long and healthy lives, but if the first week is anything to go by, we do know that this beautiful senior boy will enhance our lives and repay us ten-fold for inviting him to share our home. It is no more than Bernard deserves; to rest, to feel loved and valued and enjoy his retirement with his family.

Julie, February 2020