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Catsnaps 2015

The winners of Catsnaps 2015 are displayed below. There were 168 photographs submitted, judging was carried out by Cambridge Veterinary Group, who had a very difficult job! Thank you to the judges and to all the photo contributors for supporting the work of Cats Protection Cambridge branch. We raised £168 through Catsnaps this year. The winning photos were displayed at the Christmas Fayre on 28th November.

1st place 2nd place 3rd place
1: Tabby/Tabby & White
 Bobby Smokey
2: Black/Black & White
3: Ginger/Ginger & White
4: Tortoiseshell/Tortoiseshell & White
 Mia   Kiwi   Aubrey
5: Other colour

Best in Show!

Judges' comment: "A cat who proves
that one eye doesn't hold you back!
He has Cattitude!
 Rikki   Gracie 
6: Pedigree/Exotic
 Finn   Bengal   Percy 
7: Two or more cats
 Amos & Otis   Oscar & Emmy   Kisuke & Jazz 
8: Kitten
 Tom   Emmy   Muffin 
9: Senior cat
 Crunchie   Mitsy   Smokey 
10: Rescue cat
 Rikki   Henry   Oscar 
11: Best cat with human
 Clio   Stella   St Ives Cat 
12: Most amusing photo
 Rikki   Oreo   Canisp 

By submitting photographs to Catsnaps, participants agree to us reproducing the photo on our web site and using the photo in future publicity for Cambridge Cats Protection.