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Comic Cat Flap capers - a homing success story

Comic Cat Flap Capers by Ann and Dick Godden

Two years ago we adopted a pair of four year old cats called Smokey and Sasha.

Smokey is a very large muscular dark grey tabby with the manners of a true gentleman. He suffers constant unprovoked attacks from his very naughty tortoiseshell sister called Sasha. She has enormous white feet/boots which really look as if she has borrowed them from elsewhere, being such a small framed cat. Her small head, however, contains the sharpest of brains and she is very hyper-active, always on the go unless asleep.Smokey and Sasha

Until the cold weather set in, we had always hooked the catflap open for them to come and go as they pleased. One day we decided to try and train them to use it themselves in order to keep the warmth indoors. Smokey took to this new idea immediately and was soon in and out as he pleased. He had to remember however to slow down a bit when approaching since his favourite game is to run across the lawn as fast as possible (just like a young racehorse in training!)

Lady Sasha however couldn't get used to this "cat flap closed/push it to open/enter" idea and would sit outside and wail until we took pity and finally let her in as the cries were so heart-rending, not to mention the "cat in distress" expressions she adopted. Even the rattle of the cat biscuit container would not entice her through the flap.

Then suddenly one day it rained hard. In came Smokey, closely followed by Sasha who had decided that getting wet was not a good idea. Mission accomplished, our days of trying failed until it rained on her. She must have decided it was not the terrible experience she had anticipated and now she goes in and out just as Smokey does.

The Goddens, 2010

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