Cambridge Cats Protection strongly encourages neutering of cats. Benefits are:

  • It stops unwanted kittens. Unneutered females can be responsible for up to 18 kittens a year.
  • Your cat is less likely to fight, thus reducing the risk of injury and disease transmitted by bites and saliva.
  • Neutered cats are less likely to wander and get run over.
  • Neutered male cats are less likely to display territorial behaviour such as spraying.
Cats can breed from 4 months, and they will mate with family members. To avoid the expense and work of rearing kittens, get your cat neutered as soon as it's old enough.

For information about neutering in the local area, and to enquire about vouchers for those on low incomes please contact us on 07833 957626.

Currently (2020) our £5 neutering offer also includes a free microchip at selected Cambridge Vets - call for details! 07833 957626

For all the facts about neutering, read