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Fostering for Cambridge CP - Jill's success story

Jill's story: Fostering for Cambridge Cats Protection
I have been a fosterer since late 2009. In the latest of a series of updates about the foster cats that have come through my doors, since my last update in April 2012, I have had a great turnaround of cats and kittens that have stayed with me. Going back to when I last wrote, I was looking after Monty, a lovely four year old black and white male, who had been with me from the end of March last year until July, 2012. I'm very pleased to report that he found himself a lovely home in a nice village with a nice lady who said to me afterwards, "He is as happy as Larry". I am very pleased for them all, although I missed him after four months fostering, his new home was so well deserved.
Next came along Maggie, a sweet black and white female aged five years who was so friendly and affectionate, knew everything that was going on and from talking with her new owner on a few occasions, has made herself at home and is great company for the lady who has given Maggie a forever home. Maggie did not even have chance to show herself on the web site listings as she was reserved while the lady already had holiday booked, and collected on her return.
Tasha and Billy
In October 2012, I had two six month old very cute and so pretty kittens visit me, brother and sister, Billy (tabby) and Tasha (black and white). As you can imagine with most kittens that age, they were not one little bit shy and were so playful, I had a job to keep up with them! They loved all their kitten food and toys and were into everything. They have settled well into their new home together and I did receive a nice Christmas card from the new owner with some lovely photographs of them playing, one having fun with a rug and the other showing her face from the owners shopping bag, looking through the handle and finally, a photograph of them sitting next to each other, looks as though they loved the camera, they looked so happy.
MaisieIn November I collected my next cat from a village just off the A14. She had appeared in a lady's garden over the summer and by October they started to feed her and try and find out where the cat may have come from, unfortunately, with no luck. As the weather was getting colder, they brought her inside and made her a bed up in their kitchen/dining room and the cat gradually came round to trusting them and then loved people. The family named her Maisie, a lovely tortoiseshell, estimated to be about two years of age, so sweet and pretty and was so healthy considering she had spent a lot of time wondering around. Our Homing Officer already knew a cat-loving lady interested in homing a tortoiseshell cat, so therefore, Maisie was only with me for two weeks. The family who had first looked after Maisie had written a little story for the new owner entitled "Little Cat" which was lovely and what a happy ending for everyone.
In late November, a black and white kitten came to stay. We thought it was a female, but when checked, "she" was in fact a male. So - needing to think of a name fairly quickly at the vet - I named him William, because it was the day after the visit from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. As his photograph sat proudly on the web site, we agreed, he was a handsome young man sitting there with his white chest. A lovely friendly and loving boy, into everything, loved his food, had his toys everywhere, wanted loads of attention every time I went to see him, had a habit of playing and licking my ears. He stayed with me over Christmas and he loved me giving him Christmas treats from a cat Advent Calendar for December. A lot of people were interested in William, but one lady in particular knew William was the one for her and came quite a distance to give him a lovely home in January this year. Last time I spoke to the new owner she was telling me enjoys watching "Winter Watch", very well done to both of them.
Finally, I have just re-homed two lovely tabby cats named Angel and Flower born during 2010. They are both female, very friendly sisters who were looking for a perfect permanent home together and I am sure they have found one in a village not far from Cambridge. They were a little nervous at first, as you would expect with any cats but settled in their pen very quickly. They are very loving cats who will be ready to explore their new home and the outside garden when the time is right. The lady saw these two on the web site and knew they were the ones she wanted to adopt. I wish them all good luck in their new home as I do with all of them that leave me to go onto a new beginning in a new home.
At the time of writing, my cat pen is empty, but I know it will not be long before another friendly face or faces pass through my gate this year to stay with me for however long it takes to find the right home. Please remember to keep checking in the "Adopt a Cat Pages" (please remember, not all our cats may be listed on the web- site), to find your next long life friend, who will be very pleased you took the time.
I am having a lovely time meeting all these cats and kittens, and the nice new owners. I also try to help out where I can at our fundraising events, look out for us at the Shelford Memorial Hall in April, August and November this year and hope to see you there and you never know, you might just see me trying to dismantle and erect outdoor cat pens as well, having been trying my hands at this recently!
Jill. February, 2013.