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Fostering for Cambridge CP - Jill's success story

Jill's story: Fostering for Cambridge Cats Protection

TobyI have been a fosterer since late 2009. Believe it or not, the last time I wrote an update was back in February 2013. The plan was for me to write a piece at least once a year, but we all know what happens to best laid plans! So my excuse is that since 2013 I have had so many cats and kittens coming through my door that really, I have just not found the right time and chance to sit down and write of all my good news.

Since I became a Outdoor Fosterer in November 2009, I started writing these pieces for the "Feature Pages" and I was pleased at the amount of good and positive feedback I received.

From 2013 to where I am about to start in 2020, there have been some amazing cats and kittens who have lit up my world. Each and every one of them had their own characters and all of them went to loving new homes. As ever, I met some lovely people along the way, and a lot of them are still in touch with me to this day.

So I am going to jump and skip well forward to the early part of 2020, which of course was a year like no other. But out of the bad, I hope have come a lot of positives. It was lovely to be able to rehome cats and kittens, albeit in a different way, and with the hard work of everyone in our team, it was made possible.Cooper & Charlie

What better way to start than with Toby who came to stay with me from the 1st March 2020 until he went to his forever new home in the Cambridge area on the 23rd June, 2020. I called him my "Lockdown" cat as during that time, we all had to adapt to a new way we had to do things. I was so pleased that Toby settled in the cat pen so easily and very quickly, from day one. He was on our website during April 2020 and a potential new owner had an eye on him but because Covid was still fairly new to everyone, we could not rehome cats yet. The new potential owner waited very patiently and by the time June came, we had all the necessary "Hands Free Homing" precautions in place which enabled us to continue taking in and rehoming cats in a safe way for everyone involved.

Therefore, Toby went to his lovely new owner, bonded straight away and we have kept in touch ever since. Toby's owner was naturally feeling concerned about letting him out at first but everything is fine. I always feel for the new owners when that first day comes around for them to explore their new garden, we have all been there! A wonderful success story which had began during a difficult period, and Toby continues to flourish in his home.

On the 14th August, Charlie (tabby) and Cooper (black) came to stay, and they soon found a lovely new home in the Cambridge area. They were delivered to their new home on the 30th August, so a quick turnaround for those lucky two!

Rose & PetalIn October, two more cats arrived, Rose and Petal. They were both black and not easy to tell them apart except that one had a little white under the chin! By early November they had found their forever new home in a nice village just outside of Cambridge.

Many of these cats that I have fostered during 2020 and in previous years have been given new names which is lovely as new owners always come up with names that have a special meaning to them.

2020 has seen many ups and downs and under unusual circumstances, it was lovely to see so many cats and kittens finding forever new homes, I did not really expect to rehome the number that I did during that challenging period, it was so nice to be able to continue in the best and safe way possible.

As we enter 2021, at the time of writing this, I am now fostering my third cat so far this year, but before we get onto him, I will take you back to December, 2020 when Gismo came to stay and was with me for a month. He was a lovely tabby and white, eight year old beautiful cat who, like a lot of them, are shy and sometimes frightened at first but within a couple of days, Gismo had gained trust and confidence and was so friendly. He went to his new home in a nice village just outside Cambridge by the end of January

Gismo & MasonThen, on the 24th February, arrived Mason, a beautiful ginger long haired cat aged 5 who again was shy to start with but in a short space of time was the friendliest cat you could ever wish for. He soon found a warm, soft, comfy igloo bed and from that day, he has never looked back. By the 18th March, 2021 he was off to his forever new home to a lovely family in nice village surroundings. They have sent me photos and updates which is generous, kind, and it really makes my work very rewarding. Both Gismo and Mason have had new names since moving to their new forever homes and are doing very well.

Finally, my third cat this year is in the cat pen as I write this. His name is Warren, approximately eighteen months old tabby who was shy and frightened at first but within forty eight hours, is so friendly, happy and relaxed who will find a forever new home very soon I am sure.

Let us all hope that during 2021 and beyond, we all continue to keep safe and well to enable us to do all that we possibly can to help those cats and kittens - especially those who have not had the best of starts in life - to change their lives for the better, to find loving, new forever homes.

Until next time, very best wishes,

Jill, April 2021.