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Homing rescue cats - an adopting family's success story

Homing a rescue cat can be an extremely rewarding experience as one of our supporters recounts.
Rescue cat

Several years ago we homed a lovely young lady called Elvie who came to us as a scared, timid waif. With lots of love and affection, she became a healthy, loving and confident cat. She completed our family and made our house a home. We would look forward to returning home at the end of the day just to see her sleepy eyes looking up at us as she settled on our laps. She helped my daughter overcome her fear of cats and they became great companions.

Sadly after only twenty-one months she was taken away from us, knocked down by a car on Valentine's night. We were devastated and made a beautiful grave for her in our garden. We felt so sad and missed her very much and decided in her memory to give another poor, lost soul a happy home. We have since taken on two sisters called Tig Tag and Biscuit who had also had a bad start in life. They too were scared and timid when they came to us. We have given them all the time they need to feel safe and learnt to trust us and gradually they too have become happy, loving cats. There is still a long way to go but we are confident that in time they will jump up onto our laps for a cuddle.

Elvie will always be so special. She was our first pet and as a family helped us in so many ways.

The point of our story is to say to all you kind people out there who have taken on a Cats Protection cat or are thinking of doing so, hang on in there. It takes time for them to feel safe and secure. Give them all the time they need. Let them come to you when they are ready and eventually you will have the most beautiful relationshop with a dear little furry friend.

The Witt family, August 2010

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