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Homing story - Bobby November 2018

When our little cat passed away in 2017, we were bereft and although we knew we would eventually like to have another cat, we didn't want to rush into finding someone to replace her. We thought that when we felt ready to welcome another little being into the household, it would be great to find a rescue cat. Bobby's little face immediately drew my attention when I saw him on the Cats Protection website. He looked so appealing and also in need of someone to cherish him. I've always loved waifs and strays, and I adore black cats, so I thought he would be ideal for our family. We were told that he'd had a difficult start, so I was eager to give him a secure loving home. When we met him, he was a bit bewildered, but very responsive and I felt we could work with that.

Bobby has been with us just over a week and has already settled in well. He is a bit obsessed with food, but is gradually calming down on that front, as he realises that he doesn't have to worry about not being fed. He makes us laugh with his funny ways, whether he's racing around the house like there's no tomorrow, or chasing his tail. He is also very affectionate and likes to curl up on an available lap and purr away, which is not what we expected so soon. I am so glad that we decided to welcome him into our lives. He is a very rewarding little chap and I look forward to watching him grow and learn more about his quirky ways.

Harriet, November 2018