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Homing rescue cats - Trixie and Coco

Trixie and Coco

My dear old cat Ezra died , at the grand old age of 20, at Jubilee Weekend 2012. After all our time together, he left a big hole in my life, which took a while to get used to. When I did start to think about getting another pet cat, the thought of having 2 appealed, as they would be company for each other. Also I thought I could give a home to an older cat, who might be passed over for a younger one. The Cats Protection Summer Fete was coming up, so as I had always intended to support it, and had never got there in past years, I decided to go.

On a lovely warm, sunny Saturday afternoon, under a beautiful blue sky I made my way up Mill Road to the vicarage garden, where it was being held. There were lovely things on the stalls and I wandered around happily for about 20 minutes, looking at them. Then - suddenly - the most horrendous thunderstorm come upon us, thunder, lightning and a deluge of rain. Everyone made a hasty retreat to the tea bar. I felt so sorry for the stall holders who had worked so hard to collect money for the CP through their sales. Washed out they were, the thunderstorm went on for hours.

Anyway, it was the best move for me, as standing in the refreshment queue, I heard the ladies behind me talking, and it was clear that they were the re-homing officers. I asked them if they had any cats that would match what I was looking for. They said they had a lovely pair, mother aged 7 and daughter aged 1, Trixie and Coco, who had been looking for a new home since April. Apparently no one had shown any interest in them because they were black and white and other coloured fur coats were more popular. Well of course that did it, being a big softy, I didn't like to hear of 2 little cats being passed over because of that, so arranged with the re-homing ladies to have a home visit from them, and if approved, I could go and view 'The Girls' to see if we liked each other.

After a successful visit on both counts, I took 'The Girls' home with me. Having been given strict instructions as to their welfare in getting them settled in, and that they weren't to be allowed out for 3 weeks, I was amazed when having put the baskets in the 'escape proofed' kitchen, and letting them out, after turning my back for a split second, only one, mum, was visible. It took me a while to work out that Coco had made a dive into what must have been a very small gap under the kitchen units, only accessible down a small gap between the units. How she worked that out in such lightning time I will never know. Anyway she eventually came out, very dusty, but none the worse for it. It became her bolt-hole for the 3 weeks they were 'confined to barracks'.

Since then they have made themselves very much at home. Trixie loves the garden, but we had a slight problem when I found that she had grown too stout to go through the cat flap, and got stuck half way through like Pooh Bear. She's now lost some weight and gets through fine. Both Trixie and Coco love a game of chase together, and can bound round the house with great energy.

Having Coco around is like having several young children. She loves to follow you around and is into everything. She has her own versions of what her human counterparts of the same age would be doing. Enjoying a paddling pool - standing with her paws in the washing up bowl, poking at the vegetables being washed there. A bit of artistic flower arranging - overturning the vases and rearranging the flowers on the floor. Sand pit - rolling around in her nice clean fresh litter tray, especially when it has just been swept up and tidied. Playing Chase - running around pouncing on her catnip toy. I'm just so glad I have them. They make my house a home.

April 2013

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