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Homing stories summer 2013


Rumpole and Kismet

We were lucky enough to take home two absolutely stunning young cats in 2001 thanks to Cats Protection. We love them and they are adored by all who meet them. Our two cats are brother and sister and have dissimilar colouring, but have similar physical attitudes. It's lovely to see mirror images, sitting exactly in the same position, same head and eye gestures, same mildly irritated tip-of-tail flicks. But they have got very different characters...

Rumpole, the ginger boy, is the Gardening Cat. He loves accompanying me in the garden, very interested in any holes and what goes in them, loves people being in the garden, joining us reading the papers or sunbathing. At the moment he's in his element and lives under the gooseberry bush. He is, as many gingers are, a very genial person, loving everyone, but his forte is his foot fetish. He loves cheesy feet, throwing himself on any bare toes, rubbing ecstatically, usually disconcerting new students until they get used to him.


Kismet, the little black-and-white was probably the runt of the litter. She is very dainty to look at, but a right Madam at times. She is a very small but determined person and she is our Technical Cat. She sits by me, in front of me, on me, when I'm on the computer, and then she tries to pounce on paper as it comes from the printer. She likes watching the fireworks at the end of a game of Spider, gazing at them for as long as I'll let her. She is less friendly than Rumpole, only cruising round at table when she wants something. When picked up, she'll only permit being held on the left side , not the right, and gives exasperated looks when strangers get it wrong. Then she wriggles round to the correct side. (WHY?) Both cats permit 'visitors', that is the neighbours' cats, to come and eat their dinner, both watching round-eyed as they emerge through the cat flap, following them all the way, but making no effort to defend their food. Again why?

We love them so much and they are an integral part of our lives.

Barbara – Summer 2013

Esther and Ruby

Esther Ruby

I am the proud new owner of Flower and Angel, mentioned in fosterer Jill's report. I have renamed them Esther and Ruby. They are such friendly cats.

In February this year I decided I wanted to adopt two cats following the passing last August of our beloved Sooty, who was nineteen years old. I searched the Cat Protection website and found two sisters needing a home together.

On Thursday Feb 21st I had the very great pleasure of meeting Esther (tabby) and Ruby (tabby and white] at their foster home. We bonded instantly, Ruby nuzzled my hand and Esther licked me. Very quickly the paperwork was completed and we were on our way home. They are both sheer joy to own, very friendly cats, who enjoy sitting on laps and sharing our garden.

Summer 2013