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Cat Kit-e-Cash closed at the end of 2019. Grateful thanks to all of our supporters who have provided much appreciated funds over several years.
Special thanks to our volunteer, Ann, who has managed the administration of Kit-e-Cash for several years, raising many funds for the work of Cambridge Cats Protection.

Kit-e-Cash winners: (1st Prize £20; 2nd Prize £10; 3rd Prize £5)

January 2019 Bobtail: S Clark Tuxedo: B Cairnduff Boomer: S Raif
February 2019 Victoria: V Knowles Rigsby: H Daniel Tigger: B Bridgland
March 2019 Bouncer: E Jackson Mallory: R Stevens Ophelia: N Cumming
April 2019 Holly: D Witt Kuro: E Bridgland Floyd: B Murphy
May 2019 Mallory: R Stevens Fliss: L Boreham Scottie: N Pike
June 2019 Fliss: L Boreham Dorrie: D Lloyd Pooky: S Goldsmith
July 2019 Jamie: M Day Rudolph: R Christmas Victoria: V Knowles
August 2019 Squidge: J Mascord Chicory: E Howard Rupert: H Daniel
September 2019 Holly: D Witt Truffle: S Horner Pooky: S Goldsmith
October 2019 Mallory: R Stevens Emico: J Cairnduff Bob Marley: P Santamauro
November 2019 Casey: V Donaghay Herman: V Phipps Domino: F Spore
December 2019 Comfrey: M Codling Chicory: E Howard Boomer: S Raif
Special end of year prize (shared two ways): Buttons: V Knowles
Felix: R Macro