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Mr George - a lost cat with a happy ending

The tale of Mr George, cod fillet and fluffy blankets

In August 2011 my cat escaped from their veterinary practice during a visit. I was devastated and just walked round the building, calling his name, “Mr George”. I heard him crying and saw a flash of black and white, there was my cat in a copse – unreachable because of the hawthorns and brambles. I sat in the pouring rain all day calling him and so hopeful he would come out, but no, he just cried and watched me. My heart broke in two when it became dark and I had to go home without him.

The pattern was set for the next seven days. I was back in the vet’s grounds from 6.00 to 9.00 am and then again from 4.30 to 8.30 pm. He usually showed himself to me once a day but remained unreachable. Thankfully for me and Mr George, an amazing and totally dedicated Cats Protection volunteer came into our lives, she arrived at the veterinary practice from day one with a cat trap and tuna in hand. Day 2, she said I need to contact the microchip people, put flyers out, a newspaper “lost cat” notice and not once would she let me give up hope and was so sure Mr George was coming home. She invited me into her home for hot drinks, I learnt how to set cat traps, when to stop free food for Mr George other than cat traps, and just so much more. It that wasn’t enough at 10.00 pm and 3.00 am she would go and check the cat traps. How amazing.

On day 7 I hadn’t seen Mr George at all, but our superhero CP volunteer popped over to see me, confident because he had been seen eating fish out of the trap the night before and had not set it off. I knew he would slip up in the end and we would catch him. I set the traps with his favourite cod fillet at 8.30pm and went home so sad. During the night, there was nothing when the trap was checked, but when I arrived at 6.00 am the next day, joy and 63 Christmas days all in one second: Mr George was in the cat trap!

Mr George is back on his fluffy blankets and with lots of cod fillet treats and I can smile again. Thank you, Cats Protection Cambridge.

Liz, Cambridge

Additional notes from Cambridge Cats Protection:

  • Without the dedicated owner spending so much time outside the place Mr George was sighted, he may well have wandered off and not been caught
  • One other unknown cat and a hedgehog were caught in the cat trap during the week and released immediately. Set traps are never left unattended all night.
  • Always microchip your cat! If Mr George had not been caught, he may have turned up somewhere at a later date and been reunited easily with his owner because of the details stored in his microchip.