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Murdoch and Bailey - Lost & Found success stories

Two success stories from winter 2013/2014 about lost cats finding their way back home!


The Burchell family contacted Cambridge Cats Protection Lost and Found helpline frantic with worry as their black and white cat Bailey had been missing for 5 days. His brother was pining for him and all of the family were missing him. Cats Protection volunteers gave the usual advice - in particular to create a flyer to pass around neighbours who might have seen him, and to go out and call for him regularly in case he was lost and frightened somewhere.


The next day, a lady living in a village 2-3 miles away reported to Cambridge Cats Protection that she had found "a black cat with white markings on nose and feet, no collar and quite a pointy face with large ears" who had been hanging around her door at night for a few days. Whilst awaiting a photograph this cat was added to the register of Found stray cats and again advice was given to the finder to help identify if it had an owner, including taking to a vet to check for a microchip, and checking the lost cat reports to see if there was a match, even though none were reported in her immediate vicinity.

Due to the similarity, although in different villages, the Burchell family and the finder were put in touch through Cats Protection and on exchanging photos, followed by a hurried trip to the village, Bailey was found! He was none the worse for his ordeal thanks to his finder kindly feeding him and looking out for him. Bailey cannot tell us what he has been up to in his week away from home, but one theory is that he got into a van and had a trip a few miles up the road.

Bailey is microchipped, which is an invisible identifier under the skin. Vets and rescue organisations can scan a found cat in order to confirm its identity. In this case. Bailey was found through the kindness of strangers to a stray cat, before he had a chance to be scanned. When he was taken to the vet for a checkup, though, the microchip proved without doubt that he was indeed the Burchells' lost Bailey. If he had gone further afield, for example in a long distance delivery van, the microchip would have been absolutely crucial to him being reunited with his family.


Murdoch's owners got in touch with Cats Protection in November because he had been missing from their house for a couple of days, and may have been scared by nearby builders or fireworks. The usual advice was given to try and locate him but nothing was heard from him for over a month. Although he had initially settled well into their new home, and they had followed advice to keep him in for 2 weeks after moving house, the family were concerned that he may have tried to make his way back to their old home over 10 miles away.

After six weeks, a local cat lover got in touch to report a friendly cat matching Murdoch's description who had approached him whilst cycling, less than half a mile from Murdoch's home. Marco had looked on the Cats Protection lost cat list and realised that the apparently stray cat he had seen might be Murdoch. He was put directly in touch with Murdoch's family and within 2 days Murdoch was home! The family had gone out to search the exact location where he had been spotted. Thanks to the kindness of a stranger, Murdoch was back in his warm family home for the the winter.