A new way to raise funds at no cost to you! Easyfundraising for Cambridge Cats Protection

Do you ever buy things online from large online retailers like Amazon, ebay, John Lewis, Argos?


If so, at no extra cost to you, our branch of CP can now receive commission on everything you buy via donations from those retailers.

Please sign up to our page supporting CP Cambridge at http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/cpcambridge/
Then - every time you wish to make a purchase online, instead of going to e.g. Amazon directly,

  1. remember to login to the above web site link first.
  2. search for "Amazon"
  3. and use the special link to access the Amazon web site before placing your order as usual.

 or they have a simple donation reminder you can add to your internet browser, and every time you  visit an eligible online shopping site, it will pop up to ask if you want to help the charity with your purchase.

The few extra seconds you spend doing this before making your online purchase leads to a few pence being donated straight into the branch bank account. This is at no extra cost to you.
This mounts up into many pounds if we have a lot of supporters!
If you need more explanation of how it works please look at "How it Works" link on the above page.