Success stories

The Story of JackCat

It was a very cold Sunday when we had JackCat come into foster care with his friend Whiskey. JackCat was a very handsome black and white boy but was very shy and withdrawn. We were advised by the current owner that she thought maybe Jack had been involved in a fight with another cat as he had a cut to his leg and seemed to be quite tender on his paws.

After giving them time to settle in and get used to their new surroundings we managed to examine JackCat and found that he did indeed have a cut to his back leg that looked like a cat bite but was then horrified to see that his paw pads were swollen to nearly 4 times the size of normal cat paw pads and were cracked and very sore looking, this coupled with the fact that when we watched him walk he could barely put his paws down without flinching convinced us that he needed treatment as soon as possible. After doing some research on the internet we found a similar looking case that suggested JackCat possibly had a condition called pillow paw and managed to get him booked in the following day at the vets. After numerous tests and treatments we were advised that due to the condition JackCat had (which was pillow paw) he would need to be on lifelong medication.

This was initially quite upsetting as we feared it would reduce JackCat’s chance of being adopted.
JackCat spent nearly nine months with us learning how to be loved and how to socialise with people and became the friendly, mischievous and loving cat we knew he could be. At this point we were starting to lose hope that JackCat would find his forever home and after numerous rejections we decided that if he didn’t find a home by the end of September that we would adopt him ourselves as we had fallen completely in love with this sweet little boy.

Then came the call, anyone who fosters knows what the call is…. That call – the one when you get the sense that this will be the new forever home your foster cat has been looking for. After a lovely conversation with a wonderful lady called Bobbie we arranged for her to visit JackCat at our home although we got the impression that she was already halfway in love with him after just looking at him on the branch website.

Bobbie arrived at our home and the minute she and JackCat set eyes on each other we knew that this was the one, the person JackCat had been looking for… After going through all the procedures and paperwork with Bobbie it was agreed a date for him to leave us and go to his forever home… After Bobbie left JackCat sat on the window looking for her and if everything else hadn’t already convinced me she was the one for JackCat this did and I knew that JackCat’s affections had a new target.

As was normal for me there were lots of tears the day we took JackCat to his new home but as soon as he walked in to Bobbie’s flat it was like he had been there forever… We are so very lucky that we still maintain a wonderful friendship with Bobbie and get to see her and JackCat on a regular basis.

JackCat initially had a rough start in life dealing with his medical issues but now he is surrounded by love and cuddles on a daily basis and provides welcome companionship to his fantastic owner Bobbie and this story and many others like it are the reason we do what we do and why the support and generosity of the people of Cannock and Burntwood enables us to turn the lives of cats like JackCat and hundreds of others around.