Adopt a cat

If you’re thinking about adopting a cat or kitten from Cats Protection, that's great news!
While there is a lot to think about, we're here to make the adoption process as smooth as possible and hopefully take away some of the worries from what can be an emotional time.

Why should you adopt with us?

Thinking about buying a cat or kitten? If you adopt a kitten from us, you can be sure that they're healthy, happy and ready to be rehomed. Take a look at the benefits of adopting a cat from Cats Protection here.

Here we will list some, but not all of the cats in our care. We are a volunteer led organisation and it does take time to organise write ups and photos so we generally have more cats in our care than we are able to show here, please get in touch with us to find out more: or Tel: 07833 630675

As well as the cats listed on this page we also promote them on our Facebook page as often our fosterers will provide updates about their foster cats while they get to know them.

Before you contact us please check out the information on the how to adopt page. this page details the process of adoption and we also have additional information on our adoption fee which can be following the link.
Before you apply for adoption please consider if your home circumstances are likely to undergo any major change in the next 4 - 6 months.  It is important for us to place cats in homes where they can settle so please let us know if you are, for instance:
  • Welcoming a baby / new family member
  • Change of working arrangements i.e. part time to full time or home working back to the office
  • Building work
  • Moving house
  • Going on holiday
Please note that we do not have a main shelter all of our cats are placed in foster homes until we can find them a suitable new home, so we do not have a central venue for people to view our cats, please email us or use the contact form.

If you are thinking of owning a cat please see the Cats Protection Caring for your cat guide.

If you are preparing for your new cat, please see our Welcoming Your Cat Home page for more information on how to get your home ready for your new arrival.

Please note that this branch covers the postcodes CT1 to CT6 & ME13 areas of East Kent. We can rehome outside these areas with the co-operation of local charities.
To contact our Rehoming Officer directly then please email: or phone: 07833 630675

Please note that we have an adoption fee of £75 per cat or £95 per kitten under six months old to find out more about this follow the link. 

Please do like our Facebook page where you can find more information and pictures about our cats.  

We look forward to you being in touch.