Adoption Fee Explained

We do everything we can to ensure your cat has received only the very best standards of love and care while they were with us.

While the love and attention they get comes free, other aspects such as any veterinary treatment, neutering and microchipping has to be paid for. That is why we ask all our adopters for a fee – it allows us to carry on helping more and more cats that desperately need our help.

It is not just all the care that cats receive while they are with us that makes adopting a cat from Cats Protection the best choice we can give you four weeks of free pet insurance and provide follow up support and help while your cat settles into their new home.  

Choosing a Cats Protection cat is such a wonderful way of getting a cat and you really are helping us to give cats, many of which have been simply abandoned or mistreated, a loving new start in life!

We have an adoption fee of £75 per cat or £95 per kitten under six months old.

Have a look at the Our Adoption Fee Explained leaflet to find out more.